Recent design projects
2016 ... 2019
Last years i mostly work as a part of inhouse team. So most of projects are part of big products. To understand best my current skills check my story of last big project.

If this not enough i collected several pictures from recent work here, welcome:

Intranet and HR CRM about
UI/UX for Rambler & CO, 2016-2017
At this time i developed intranet and hr crm's for 1500+ people company. I worked a lot to digitize and simplify all processes of HR department: hiring, grading, communication etc.
Developing company's intranet — was the second part of this role. Immediate feedback from the users — was the best thing in this case. i have 1500+ users mostly located in the same building. I created and improved instruments for inner communication and harmony, such as: anonymous conference, booking reservations, personal profiles etc.
AM.RU Mobile Version
UI/UX for Rambler & CO, 2016
Redesign mobile experience of popular car trade service. Not big deal to make a mobile version of a service. But some tasks very really challenging.
I engineered the way how to create advertisement and guide user through all that fields maximum accurate and gently. This project i practice UI/UX skills in the mobile section.
Neuro Training for gamers
Landing, UI/UX for
That was a beta of a service for gamers. That was about improving gamer's skills using AI, Big Data and brain analysis. In that project interesting part was to create interface for brain tests.
Fake service for HTML Academy
UI/UX for %Secret client%
Ubuduck Souvenir Boutique
Personal project, from 2018
I moved to another country and run offline business — souvenir shop. I am proud of that project and it bring me to a new level of mastery. Idea, conception, interior design, managering and everything i do by my own and with help of my wife and friends.
Caspari Casa
Branding and graphic design
Project with extra luxury fler.
Branding, Graphic design, Communications
Project with extra punk fler.
Philosophy of taste
Branding, Styleguide, Graphic design, Communications
I am very glad that that my project is still alive and they still use my branding. That's really cool. I like when my digital design gets to the real world.

I hope that is enough for you. If u wanna to start project with me — just drop me a message here

Goodluck and thanks for your attention!